XTM PC emulator for Psion 5

The XTM emulator is a piece of software that you can download and run on your Psion 5. It allows you to run anything that would usually only be able to be used with older computers that run the MSDOS operating system.  This allows you to play the old games that you used to play if you ever owned an older computer that had the MSDOS operating system installed, and if you have any old files that were created with the older computer, and then you can view them with the XTM PC emulator for the Psion 5. If you are a developer and want to view the source code of the older computer’s MSDOS programs, then you can do this with the XTM PC emulator for the Psion 5. 

The software allows you to assign commands to your keyboard’s function keys whilst you are using the XTM PC emulator for the Psion 5, and you will be able to use these to execute commands.  There is an inbuilt communication system, which consists of the typical memory, and memory card that the older MSDOS computers were built with. 

In order to be able to use the emulator, you will need to configure the software by creating a boot disk in MSDOS.  You can do this from any current windows computer.  This allows you to install the emulator and enter the commands that you need to for the software to work.   

XTM will allow your Psion 5 to view MSDOS as well as being able to view the Linux operating system too.  There are different distributions that can be used with the XTM PC emulator for the Psion 5 to allow you to do different things with the emulator on your Psion 5.  You can even find many web sites on the Internet to download and install MSDOS applications.

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