Xperia X10i

The Xperia X10i is a top of the range cellular phone from Sony.  It features the ever-growing android operating system and is a competitive smart phone. 

With the Xperia X10i, you get a stunning 8.1 mega pixel camera. This will allow you to take high quality images, which you can display on the phone’s HD screen, or send to your computer or other device to print or share with family. 

The screen has a wide screen resolution, which is great for watching DV quality videos in NTSC format.  You will love the clarity of the image on this phone. 
The phone is sold with just 1 GB inbuilt storage space, which isn’t an awful lot considering that the smart phone features a screen that can play videos.  1GB will store about 20 minutes of video on your phone in good quality, allowing enough room for the operating system and other installed programs too.  It is lucky then, that the Xperia X10i has an expansion slot to allow you to expand your storage by up to 32GB with the use of a microSD card.  These are becoming very cheap to get hold of and are easy to remove and share the data with another smart phone user. 

The screen has all the latest features that you would expect from a high-end smart phone.  A touch screen with anti scratch glass allows you to use the screen to input commands and this has a limited multi touch ability too.  The phone has an accelerometer sensor in which senses when the phone has been moved.  This allows you to play games that have a tilt feature in, and to turn the phone on its side, as the display will automatically rotate.  A proximity and ambient light sensor allows you to make the most of the phone’s ability to alter its display settings depending on its environment.

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