Virgin Samsung Intercept

If you like smart phones, then you will love the Samsung Intercept from Virgin Mobile. It is a robust smart phone that looks great and is packed with features to keep you entertained and to provide you with a useful tool for when you are on the move. 

The Samsung Intercept allows you to make phone calls easily. From a shortcut button on the home screen, you can access your recent call list, favorites and your contacts.  There’s plenty of room for contacts, and you can even save photos to show up when the caller ID is being displayed. 

Text messaging is simple with the use of an on screen keyboard. You can rotate the Samsung Intercept 90 degrees and use a landscape view to make the keyboard wider if you would prefer, as the Samsung Intercept has an accelerometer sensor built in to detect when you have turned the device on its side. If the sensor detects that the phone has been rotated, it will rotate the screen automatically to allow you to use the phone any way up that you wish to turn it.  In addition to the onscreen keyboard, the Samsung Intercept has a physical keyboard too, which is located underneath the phone’s screen. You can choose between the physical or onscreen keyboard easily.  If the keyboard is slid out, the onscreen keyboard will not show up. You will be able to view more of your screen. 

The Samsung Intercept features an 800 MHz processor with 256 MB memory. That makes this phone one of the slower ones available. It does lack the processing power to perform certain power hungry tasks, such as running adobe flash. The internal 512MB of storage isn’t much either, so you may need to upgrade this with the use of a MicroSD card. The phone features an expansion slot to let you upgrade the storage capacity of your phone with the MicroSD card.

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