Travel pilot lucca 3.4

From Blaupunkt mobile navigation, comes the Travel pilot lucca 3.4.  It is a satellite navigation system that can help you get from A to B easily.  It was released in 2007 and it is a great accessory for your car. 

You may not have heard the name Blaupunkt before, but don’t let this put you off.  At the first glance you will like this navigation system.  It features a black plastic housing, with the screen of the device being surrounded by a grey bezel.  There are just 2 buttons at either side of the device and the screen is touch sensitive. 

The screen is in full color and it is bright, even in sunlight.  There is a transflective finish to the screen so that it does not suffer from the glare of sunlight or light from headlights or other road lighting.  This is a useful feature, because the non-transflective displays often reflect too much light, and can temporarily dazzle the driver, causing accidents. 

You can save your favorite destinations in this satellite navigation system. Whilst you can choose a ‘home’ location, this is not always a good idea in case your vehicle is ever stolen.  You can also choose from various speaking voices to give audible prompts about which direction you should be taking. Some people don’t like to use the voice prompts, so these can be turned off altogether if required.  There is the ability to turn the volume up and down, and there is a microphone built into the system. For sound output, you can choose to use the mono loudspeaker or a headphone jack. This even allows you to link the Travel pilot lucca 3.4 into your in car stereo system, if you have an available aux in plug. 

The Travel pilot lucca 3.4 from Blaupunkt is the ideal travel companion for those long journeys.

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