The Motorola Droid 2

23rd August 2010 saw a new member of the DROID family phone unveiled by Verison Wireless — the DROID 2. This newest member in the DROID family continues the tradition of excellence and will without a shadow of a doubt add a notch higher tough competition in the Smartphone market. Note that the Motorola DROID 2 is a business phone in every sense of the word but the multimedia capabilities make it an all-round device that both the professional and business minded consumers will fall in love with.

As is expected, the Motorola DROID 2 runs on the Android Operating System which only means that it has top notch features and qualities as its predecessors, and sometimes even more advanced. First things first, appearance wise, it looks more or less like the original DROID meaning it is the same shape and design as the original one. A notable change though is seen on the keyboard. Most people initially complained that the keys on the keyboard of the original DROID were flat and not engaging enough, and Verizon wireless heard that all too well.

Rest assured the DROID 2 features an updated keyboard with engaging raised keys… time to say goodbye to the d-pad. A much welcome upgrade is bigger and visible keys. Internally, upgrades have also been affected. The speeds of the new smart phone when it comes to the Central Processing Unit are twice as much as those of the original DROID therefore you can expect the DROID 2 to run faster and smoother and not to be sluggish.

Further, you will get the new Android 2.2. Operating System update when you get this phone, another much welcomed improvement on the OS. If you are thinking of purchasing an iPhone, look no further beyond this smart phone which is much upgraded than the original. The Motorola Droid 2 is the perfect phone for that savvy consumer who is looking for a good business mobile phone that has a real and engaging keyboard on it. Just as a by the way, you can also make use of the onscreen keyboard at your disposal as and when you feel like it.

But how much does this amazing and wonderful Motorola DROID 2 cost seeing as it is the features are amazing? Rest assured that with this phone you will not break the bank. It comes with a 2 year contract for as little as 200 bucks. Note however that without this contract, the phone could cost a lot more in the category of other smartphones in the same league.

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