The BlackBerry Storm 3

An Introduction to the BlackBerry Storm 3

With the Apple iPhone making waves and HTC coming out with its own touchscreen models, BlackBerry has a lot of competition to face in the battle for market share. The BlackBerry has carved its own niche in the business phone market, but is a relative newbie in the touchscreen arena. BlackBerry released its first touchscreen phone with the Torch 9800, but it did not gain good reviews. BlackBerry is set to try its hand again with its new touchscreen model, the Storm 3.

The follow up to the Storm 2 in the BlackBerry Storm phone series, it is a well-anticipated release. The Storm 2 was released to considerably better reviews than the Torch 9800, so it is expected that the Storm 3 will be a worthwhile update to its predecessor. Along with its features is the much-awaited result of the collaboration with EA Sports. This teamup promises an impressive line up of built-in games. With its large screen and color display, fans of BlackBerry can’t wait to try out the new gaming titles, as well as the latest BlackBerry OS 6 that comes with the Storm 3.

The BlackBerry Storm 3 also has a 5-megapixel camera with a video recording capability. The phone also has a sensor that automatically shifts orientation as the phone shifts positions. With a twist, the display switches from portrait to landscape, and vice-versa. The phone also houses a digital compass and GPS for easy navigation anywhere in the world.

OS 6 has all the features that made the BlackBerry a hit. With the inclusion of the WebKit 2.0 browser, the Storm 3 holds the promise of an impressive websurfing experience with its touchscreen features. Multi-tasking on its user-friendly interface has made BlackBerry the phone of choice for the on-the-go businessman. With an internal 8GB memory that’s expandable to 32GB, the Storm 3 is an admirable multimedia gadget.

The BlackBerry Storm 3 will be available through Verizon with attractive promotional deals and offerings. It is available through the network provider along with BlackBerry data packages alongside its phone plans. You may also buy the Storm 3 in various online stores that will be selling the unit at very competitive pricing schemes.

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