The Blackberry Curve 9300

Prices for phones especially made to handle the rigors of business are rising with each development. However, a new business phone by one of the respected names in phone manufacturing has launched a new feature-laden business phone at a friendly price. Welcome the BlackBerry Curve 9300.

Even though the new BlackBerry Curve 9300 has a friendlier price-tag than other Smartphones, it is nowhere near lacking when it comes to its features. Aesthetically, it’s a treat for the eyes, with the choices of red, silver or black to accommodate different types of personalities. It comes with the standard features of a 320 x 240-pixel-2.44” screen, a trackpad and a full keyboard. At a weight of 104 grams, it’s both easy on the pocket and the wallet.

Connectivity is easy with Bluetooth and WiFi. Storage is not a problem, as the Curve 9300 comes with 256MB of storage space with an expansion feature of a mini-SD card slot for additional data.

The Curve 9300 has a built-in 2-megapixel camera that is good enough for taking photos on the go. Sadly, there is no support for recording video. However, the phone itself is capable of playing video formats (MP4, WMV9, H.263 and H.264) on its built-in media player. The media player stands as a music player as well, able to play your favorite MP3s and other known audio formats. The phone comes with external speakers and a standard 3.5mm stereo audio jack for headphones.

The Blackberry Curve 3G 9300 also packs power with a punch. Its 1150 mAh battery offers a standby time of 19 days with a talk time of 4.5 hours if used in GSM mode. The phone’s juice is enough to stand by all its features. As a media player, it can offer 29 hours of playback.

Running on the latest Blackberry OS Version 6, the Blackberry Curve 3G 9300 is the affordable and trendy business phone. For those who are embarking on getting a Smartphone for the very first time, this phone is a great first phone. It’s packed with all the features you need to try out to accommodate your busy business lifestyle. It’s a great phone at a great price.

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