Sungale Cyberus

The Sungale Cyberus is an eBook reader, which features a 7 inch screen and can be used as a portable document device.   

It is not a tablet, and apart from reading eBooks, there is not much other functionality with this device. 
Having said that, it is a device that has been especially designed for reading eBooks.  That means that the creators have not concentrated more on the fancy additional features that accompany the tablets and have instead focused on meeting the customer’s criteria for buying a good eBook reader.   

The Sungale Cyberus is one of the first eBook readers to offer color displays.  It allows you to view a main menu, which shows icons for your eBooks, and this makes selecting the one you want to view a little easier than some of the more complex libraries available.  The quality on the screen however is a little poor.  The resolution only provides 800 by 600 pixels which results in images appearing grainy and icons and text do not display as smoothly as they would if you were to buy a device that had an Amoled screen.  It is possible however to navigate using the touch screen, and when you are reading text, you don’t really need particularly high quality. 

The price of the Sungale Cyberus does reflect its quality.  It is substantially cheaper than many of the tablets that you can buy, and its price is even competitive with other eBooks readers too.   

The Sungale Cyberus does provide a few additional features in addition to being able to read eBooks.  You can check your emails by connecting to a WiFi connection and even browse the Internet.  Again, you don’t get the same quality as a tablet.  The features of the applications on this eBook reader are limited. 
One thing that you may like about this reader is that you get a stylus with it, to make navigating a little easier.

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