Sprint Sanyo Zio

The Sanyo Zio from Sprint is Sanyo’s first smart phone to run the Android operating system.  It is made from glossy black plastic, with aluminum trims and this allows the phone to be lightweight and portable.  There is a 3.5 inch capacitive touch screen which is a perfect size for this phone and its sleek design and modern looks make it a popular fashion accessory.  

On the home screen, you will see a dock. This dock allows you to access the things you are most likely to want to use in a hurry. Shortcuts for making calls and creating text messages are useful features to have access to. 

When you tap the phone icon, you will be taken to your phone book. Here you can access a keypad to enter a new number, see your recent call history and access your contacts to help you to make calls as quickly as possible.  You can search through the contacts by typing in a few letters from your contact’s name. 

The text-messaging feature allows you to access your text messages and do plenty of things with them.  You can easily forward messages, reply, send a message to an individual, or send a group message to a number of contacts. The messages are organized well as they are grouped with the number that sent or received the message. You don’t need to search through many text messages to find a certain one anymore, now you simply tap on the contact name who sent you the message, and it will be visible in that group of messages. 

Because Sprint supplies the Sanyo Zio, it is branded with Sprint’s own software too. There are customizable packs that you can download which suit different types of user, such as sports packs, which contain sporting games, news etc.

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