Samsung Transform

In glossy black and chrome, the Samsung Transform is a safe option by means of color and style.  The curves are beautiful and the phone is not too thick, considering it’s concealed flip keyboard. To keep foreign bodies away from the phone’s ports, there is a sliding door opening to the micro USB slot.  This is a useful feature to have, because it means that you will not suffer the effects of dust becoming lodged in the port. 

The under screen keyboard is a useful additional feature that the phone provides.  Whilst the buttons aren’t as clickable as you may like, it is still a convenient way to make your text inputs and still view the screen comfortably.  The screen is only 3.5 inches so the additional space that the on screen keyboard would take up doesn’t leave too much room for the remainder of the window above it. 

The Samsung Transform has a 3.2 mega pixel camera which allows you to take photos with your phone.  It has a useful auto focus feature, and it works well outdoors.  If you decide to try to take photos inside however, you may be disappointed with the quality.  The images in low light conditions tend to end up quite grainy and unclear.  The web cam function with this phone is also a bit of a letdown, as many people notice that their camera adds a yellowish tinge to everything. 

The additional software and ability to access a whole range of additional features makes up for the Samsung Transform’s down sides.  With the Android operating system that comes pre installed on this phone, you have access to plenty of features and installations, which allow you to make the Samsung Transform useful to you.  You can install mapping applications, math tools, social network apps and many others.

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