Samsung Continuum

The first thing you may notice when you look at the Samsung Continuum mobile phone is its beautiful style and looks.  It has a stunning Amoled display which provides exceptionally clear and sharp images and is excellent for playing movies in high definition.  You can also use the display to read documents and to browse the Internet. 

The Samsung Continuum mobile phone unusually features a ticker display too.  This is a new feature of smart phones where you can view text close-up, in a separate display on the screen.  This means you don’t have to zoom in if the text is too small.  Just select the text you wish to read, and it will be displayed in the ticker window. 

In the ticker window you can customize the content that you want to be displayed.  It can pop up notifications from your favorite social network sites, news feeds or even text messages.  This is great for convenience.  You can carry on using your phone without having to switch apps to read your updates. 
Along with the great display features, you have WiFi, which will allow you to connect to wireless Internet connections.  Bluetooth lets you connect to other phones and computers and share files easily. 

The camera on this phone is 5 mega pixels and it features a 4x zoom function too.  With auto focus and several different shot options, you will have fun taking snapshots of your special occasions.  You can also record video with this camera for sending to others or playing on the phone. 

The battery in the Samsung Continuum mobile phone will allow you to use your phone to talk for about 6 hours.  You can get up to 300 hours of standby time too.  You should note however that these times will differ depending on how many apps you have running in the background.

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