MyTouch 3G Charger Dock

The MyTouch 3G Charger Dock for MyTouch 3G phones is a fully integrated dock, which allows you to plug in your MyTouch 3G phone.  It is a great way of charging your phone whilst you are using it and also provides a means to stand your phone so that you don’t need to hold it for long amounts of time. 

There are several different variations of the MyTouch 3G Charger Dock for MyTouch 3G phones. 
The universal charging dock is simply a stand, which allows you to sit your phone on the stand, and the pins that protrude from the base of the stand charges your phone.  You will need to plug your usual charger in the back of the dock to provide it with power. 

The MyTouch 3G rock dock is a slightly more expensive dock for your phone but it does offer far more features than the standard model.  This dock has speakers inbuilt to the dock, which allows you to charge your phone whilst you play music through the high quality speakers on the dock.  You can also use the speakers to make hands free calls, which is great if you are in the office and using your computer whilst having a phone conversation.  Even if the phone isn’t charging, you can still use the dock to play music, as there is a line in port to let you attach additional devices such as an MP3 player or a disk player. 

Other docks that are available even allow you to use an in car charger with the dock.  They give you the ability to secure your phone, rather than keeping it in a pocket or on a ledge whilst you are driving, which means that driving is much safer.  They also provide a means to speak on the phone hands free.  This is a great choice if you drive because there are many places where it is illegal to use a mobile phone when driving unless it is hands free.

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