mupen64plus is a Nintendo 64 emulator which can be downloaded and installed onto a computer to run Nintendo 64 games. The software is deliberately cross platform compatible, so that the people who use the software do not experience any compatibility issues when sharing files with other users. In addition, the user will not have to choose a specific type of operating system in order to use this software. 

The software was originally made to run on the Linux operating system. This is because the main reason for using an emulator is to help developers to make sure that their software will run on the device for which it is intended.  If you are a developer of Nintendo 64 games, you will need to test your software before you publish it for others to use.  So that you don’t need to actually have a Nintendo 64 in front of you as you test, you can use the mupen64plus Nintendo 64 Emulator to try the software. You will save desk space, and if you don’t have a Nintendo 64, you can save money buying one. 

If you have a Nintendo 64, and you have a game that isn’t working properly, you can use the mupen64plus Nintendo 64 Emulator to make sure that it is just the game that is having an issue, or if there is a fault with your Nintendo 64 console.  You can run the Nintendo 64 game using the mpuen64plus emulator, and if it doesn’t work using the emulator, then you know it is the game that is having the issue. 

The mupen64plus Nintendo 64 Emulator is regularly being developed to make it more stable, and it has been developed far enough to be able to be used at speeds that you would expect to get when you use the game on an actual Nintendo 64 system.

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