Motorola Flipout

The Motorola Flipout mobile phone is an oddly shaped square mobile phone. It features a flip style design where you can flip out the keyboard underneath the screen and use this to type, allowing you to see the full screen as you type. With its small and compact design, this phone is perfect for carrying around with you.  

Don’t let the size fool you.  This is a smart phone with all the accessories that you require in order to do many different things without having to own many different gadgets in order to do them. 

Having the Android operating system pre installed is a big positive for this phone.  You can access the Android market and download many different applications. These will help you to maximize the functionality of your phone and add features to it that will customize it for you. 

Because this Flipout mobile phone is manufactured by Motorola, you get access to Motorola’s own Moto blur software.  This is additional software installed by Motorola that allows you to connect to all your social networks with the use of one password.  This is ideal if you are a fan of social networks, and if you have many different accounts with these kinds of site. 

In order to type more quickly, you can use the flip out keyboard.  The keyboard is a little on the small side, but if you were to try to use the onscreen swipe keyboard, you would find that you are too short on space, considering the small screen.  The flip out keyboard even features the navigation buttons, and the usual Android buttons that you would usually expect to be on the front face of a phone.  In fact, all the buttons on this phone are cleverly hidden together behind the screen to allow for the unusual shape of the Motorola Flipout mobile phone.

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