Motorola A853 Milestone

The Motorola A853 Milestone is available worldwide, and is a popular model of Android smart phone.  It features a sliding keypad and it is sleek, stylish and compact.  Even with the sliding feature, there is nothing chunky about this phone. 

You have various different choices when it comes to network connection options.  The Motorola A853 Milestone has 3G, quad band GSM, GPRS and Wi-Fi.  This is perfect for whether you are staying home or going away, as the Motorola A853 Milestone will work in any country that you choose to travel too. 

For connecting with your networks, you have access to a web-enabled browser on the Motorola A853 Milestone – perfect to access the Internet or send emails.  The phone also features Bluetooth, which is one of the preferred technologies amongst mobile phone users.  To use location services you can turn on or off the GPS feature at any time, and the phone has a microUSB port for easy connection to a computer. 

With a 5-mega-pixel camera, this is not the highest quality camera phone that you can buy, but it will still produce great quality photos.   The dual LED flash that the camera has more than makes up for the lower quality camera.  The flash helps you to get the best quality photos, even in darker lighting.  It can even be turned on with the use of an Android app to allow you to use these powerful LEDs as a torch.  Another benefit of the camera is the ability to zoom to 4 different levels. 

The battery life on the Motorola A853 Milestone is not as long as you might hope to achieve with a smart phone.  You might be able to watch a regular length movie on the display, but if you wish to watch a longer movie, you may have to plug the phone in so that you don’t lose power whilst you are watching it.  You still get about 7 hours talk time, which is good for a smart phone.

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