Huawei U120

The Huawei U120 phone is a mobile phone that was released in 2007.  It features tri band 2G networks as well as offering 3G.  If you are not a fan of the new smart phones, it is great news that the Huawei U120 phone is available, as it is a phone that offers many useful features, but is laid out in a simple and easy to understand way, making it a good choice for the techno phobic user.   

The phone does not have a touch screen.  Instead, navigation and inputs are all done using the keypad below the display.  The display itself is a TFT 256k color screen, which is 1.8 inches in size and offers a 176 x 220 pixel resolution.  For making calls and reading text messages, this is perfectly sufficient. 

Notifications for phone calls and messages are available in silent, loud and vibrate only modes.  The Huawei U120 phone has an inbuilt vibrate feature, which is useful if you are in a noisy environment and don’t hear the notification.  You will feel the vibration through a pocket.  You can download more ring tones that are provided on the phone to customize your incoming notification tones.  The ring tone options available to you are polyphonic tones as well as being able to use mp3 tracks too. 

The Huawei U120 phone also provides a Bluetooth and USB connection to allow you to transfer files, as well as full GPRS and EDGE support. 

The camera on the Huawei U120 phone isn’t the best you can find on mobiles.  It is 1.3 mega pixels in resolution and you have the option to record videos in VGA quality.  You will find however that the quality is okay when you are in bright daylight, but in room lighting or in darker light, the quality will become grainy and distorted. 

For a no nonsense phone that makes calls and sends messages as a phone should, the Huawei U120 phone is a good choice.

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