Asus EeeSlate 12.1 Tablet

The Asus EeeSlate 12.1 Tablet is one of a few Windows based tablets that you can purchase.  It uses the Windows tablet edition operating system and with the re-launch of these Windows tablets, it seems that Asus is finally managing to convince users that Windows tablets are a worthy contender for the title of the most popular tablet. 

With a 12.1 inch screen, this is a good sized tablet and fills the market for those who like to get creative with their tablet PC.  The generous screen offers a 1280 x 800 pixel display and this resolution means that the display is clear and enjoyable to view.  You can install image editing software on the Asus EeeSlate 12.1 Tablet to allow you to easily touch up images, or even create logos and other media. 
With a capacitive touch screen, you can easily and precisely navigate through the windows operating system and it features the highly popular gorilla glass. 

The tablet has a high processing power and sufficient memory to become an entertainment system too.  A ULV Core i5 processor is installed for fast processing capabilities and either 2 or 4 GB of ram, which is excellent for any tablet PC. You can watch movies and listen to music on the Asus EeeSlate 12.1 Tablet in excellent high definition.  This tablet has a 64 GB hard drive, which is solid state, meaning that there are no platters to get scratched when you are on the move.  It is probably the most stable kind of hard disk that you can find for any computer. 

The drawback of this tablet is that it is completely enclosed and so if your battery begins to lose its ability to charge, you will have to send it back to Asus so that they can replace it for you.  This aside though, the Asus EeeSlate 12.1 Tablet is a great choice for graphics designers on the go.

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