Nokia X3 Slider GSM Quad Band Unlocked Cell Phone with 3.5MP Camera and 2 GB SD Slot Memory — US Version with Warranty (Blue)

[ReviewAZON asin=”B0036DDT6K”]Cool and confident: A pristine and high-tech design that can be recognized fitting in with friends and trends, this slim music slider fits easily in the pocket. The symmetrical speaker design makes it clear to all that the stereo speakers deliver big sound. The subtly recessed screen and smooth sliding movement provide delicate refinements in a fresh design. The diamond cut metal music keys, beautiful brushed metal slide, metal camera details, and comfortable sized keypad for easy text input express the high quality construction. Available in a range of five bold, expressive colors. Loud and rich stereo speakers offer an incredible music playback and FM radio experience. With XpressRadio you can listen to radio with others like a normal radio—no headsets needed. Use the dedicated music keys, illuminated on the Navi ring, for easy access to music player and radio operations, and the 3.5mm AV connector for your own headset and external portable speakers.[/ReviewAZON]